HIDE Brings Back Its 25 Best-Selling Cocktails: Start With the 7-Mile IslandEXPAND
Clark Cabus

HIDE Brings Back Its 25 Best-Selling Cocktails: Start With the 7-Mile Island

We can't believe Hide is three years old ... but apparently it is.

And the folks there also recently expanded to take over the space across the alley, and that just means that now the too-busy-to-sit spot can accommodate more of us. So what will you drink when there? Something off their new Revival menu.

To celebrate their third anniversary, they brought back all of our favorites since they opened. Look for 25 of their best-selling creations alongside their classics menu for all of 2020. I'm hoping to drink through the whole menu, but started with the 7-Mile Island.

This unique cocktail is made with a couple of rums, one being milk-washed Jamaican rum. Milk washed is a technique used to "soften" a spirit, and it, in turn, adds a unique texture to the spirit. It's done by pouring the alcohol in high-fat milk, adding citric acid, then straining it to result in a (very clear), softened spirit.

Once the spirit is milk-washed, they team it with Guyana rum, often funky Batavia arrack, anise-flavored absinthe, green tea and spices. This cocktail is, no doubt, the most complex cocktail I've had in a while. Order one for yourself, and see if you can taste through all of the flavors.

7-Mile Island: milk-washed Jamaican rum, Guyana rum, Batavia arrack, absinthe, green tea, clarified lemon, assorted spices — served in a flask

Hide, 2816 Elm St. (Deep Ellum)

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