High Above The Rim

Last night, as Los Mavs stomped on Los Spurs, a tequila-specific lounge celebrated its grand opening, way up in the terrace level of the American Airlines Center.

El Jimador Tequila Bar, to be really specific.

So what can one say about this? The average sports fan has already been elbowed out of the way by corporate ticket holders and three-figure pricing. Lately, however, it seems many of those with passes into America's stadiums prefer to spend a good chunk of their time hiding behind glass walls in restaurants and cocktail bars, as well as old-fashioned luxury boxes.

This new venue lacks only a direct view to the floor (or ice, depending). The few windows peek out at tumbleweeds creaking and bounding through Victory Park. But at least the bar has a couple flat screens.

No matter. This is a place to do shots before--or while--others take shots somewhere down below. Unfortunately, the young female bartenders use Margarita mix profusely. And guests have to point out for them the difference between reposado and blanco tequila...although the opening night crew may have been selected for something other than bartending skill.

So there it is: $20 or so to park, a hefty cover charge just to enter the building--all for an amateur pour. At least until they put trained staff in place.


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