Hold On to Your Hamachi: Top Knot's Sunday Brunch Starts April 3

And Dallas rejoiced: Top Knot, Uchi's laid-back little sister upstairs, has announced that Sunday brunch service begins April 3, with Saturday brunch starting April 30. Service runs from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. and no reservations are necessary, Top Knot says.

So what's on this menu? Top Knot says to expect fun, "crave-able" plates that are meant to be shared:

The menu features sharable pastries like Top Knot’s take on the cinnamon roll, the Miso-Caramel Cinnamon Pull-apart Nabe, along with playful and unique versions of breakfast classics like Hot Fried Chicken Benedict on a biscuit with smoked gravy and a fried egg, and fun cocktails like Brunch Punch featuring Jim Beam® bourbon, ice tea, sugar, lemon, orange and nutmeg. Other highlights include the Top Knot Breakfast, which consists of crispy rice, charred salmon, egg, sunomono, nori, bonito and miso soup; Thai French Toast with crème fraîche, candied pecans and maple syrup; the Bacon Breakfast Bun with Canadian bacon and pimento cheese on a Parker House roll; and a full kids menu.

“When creating the brunch menu, we were really motivated by breakfast items that we crave and want to eat. My favorite items on the menu, like the Hot Fried Chicken Benedict, are Asian inspired but pay homage to the American South,” comments chef de cuisine Angela Hernandez.
It's no surprise that Top Knot decided to brunchify its hot fried chicken sandwich, one of its flagship dishes. No doubt that Top Knot's approachable cocktail menu will have a few solid brunch-worthy additions. No word yet on when lunch service begins, but it is in the works, we're told. 

Top Knot, 2817 Maple Ave.,

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