Holy Doughnut Holes In Your Face, Friday is National Doughnut Day

Friday is National Doughnut Day, and we know you're going to celebrate it the right way: by stuffing your face with nuts made of dough. (We recommend trying one million bacon doughnuts.)

We figured we'd asked James St. Peter, co-owner of Hypnotic Donuts, how he's planning on celebrating on Friday, since for Hypnotic Donuts, every day is National Doughnut Day. Lucky for you, he said, "We're giving away free stuff!!!"

Hey, Hypnotic Donuts, we have a question: Is there any kind of special special you're running on National Doughnut Day? Like, if we walk in the door and yell, "BOOBS!" you'll give us extra sprinkles or something? Just asking.

Yeah, I like that. When you order, if you say "I Like Boo Bees" you get $1 off a Boo Bee Donut. Also, we will being giving away our oh-so-hip new shirts to random customers. Plus, we will do some random, "Your order is free!" -- Especially if your order is one glazed doughnut. Anyone who wears a UDA (Underground Donut Alliance) shirt gets $5 off right from the get-go.

The people want to know: Why don't you offer brisket-topped doughnuts?

We are in talks with Lockhart as this is being written.

Dear James St. Peter, please tell us the names of the doughnut romance novels you plan to write with that kickass pen name of yours.

Glorious Holes, 50 Shades of Glaze, Lucy in the Sky with Doughnuts

When you're not eating doughnuts, what are your favorite things to eat?

Karkinos (deep fried) and Pegasus tenderloin

Hey, when are you going to start selling pizzas out of your kitchen during the hours when Hypnotic Donuts is closed?

Damn, where have you been?

What will you never ever put on a doughnut?


And finally, do you have any advice for people who are Hypnotic Donuts virgins?

Look at a menu before you get to the display case. If you do not like fresh jalapeños do not get a doughnut with fresh jalapeños. If you like fresh jalapeños, break out of boring mode and try it.

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