Honey Mussels Elsewhere, not Dallas

Honey Mussels, a specific strain of mussels named for their amber shell and unique flavor, may be garnering culinary popularity as they make their way to U.S. cities, popping up in places like New York, but they don't seem to have made it into Dallas -- yet.

The mussels originated in British Columbia, where they were cultivated.

Jon Alexis of TJ's Seafood, said he had heard of the brand-name mussel, BC Honey Mussel, but he doesn't currently sell it. After a quick check with his suppliers, he confirmed that Dallas hasn't caught onto the idea of the Honey Mussel just yet, but they might be getting a taste of it soon.

"None of them seemed to be too familiar with it, but I'm looking at seeing if we can get some in."

Alexis says Dallasites do like their mussels. "What we're seeing a bit of a fad in are Arcadian mussels -- a Dutch-style mussel from Maine."

But he says they're mostly still after the classic, Prince Edward Island mussels here in Dallas, but who knows? That could change.

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