Horne and Dekker Revamps Menu. Sort of.

I've been looking forward to seeing Horne & Dekker's new menu since late September, when owner Flynn Dekker jumped in on a discussion over at Sidedish to say "I agree that there were things we needed to improve on after we opened our doors less than 3 months ago. Many of those issues have been addressed including bringing in a new chef, providing greater clarity on our menu (further refinements in process) and removing items that didn't reflect our style of "comfort food.'"

The "further refinements" were revealed today, and they're not exactly earthshaking: Other than dispensing with a few dishes suitable only for summer -- pickled green tomato and watermelon salad; pork with mango sauce and peach cheesecake -- the only changes the restaurant's made to its menu seem to amount to eliminating a pair of vegetarian plates and adding a few obligatory Henderson Avenue staples. Horne & Dekker's now serving fried green tomatoes, a pepperoni pizza, Caesar salad and a chocolate pot au crème. Vegetable lasagna's made way for vegetable risotto.

So where's the evidence of the "family recipes reflecting (the chef and owners') Midwest and NOLA roots," as the press release puts it? There are two new entrees: A grilled pork chop served with jalapeno bread pudding and braised short ribs, accompanied by cheese grits.

The full menu after the jump...

Horne & Dekker Menu


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