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The sign at 2001 Flavors reads: yogurt, stuffed potatoes, rotisserie chicken, salads. A summing-up of 90s gastronomy. Inside, it looks like a yogurt store, but yogurt isn't the only thing you can get with mix-ins anymore. The deal here is you choose a base, like a potato or chocolate yogurt, and you pick any number of ingredients to mix in with it. Like broccoli, black olives, green onions, bacon bits, pepperoni, and cottage cheese (for potatoes). Like apples, fat-free cranberry newtons, marshmallows, granola, peanut butter, or Oreos (for the yogurt). You don't mix anything in with the chicken, salads, or sandwiches, though I don't see why not. Unimaginative drones that we are, we tried a chocolate yogurt with peanut butter cups--it's mixed like a milkshake and the result was terrific.

--Mary Brown Malouf

2001 Flavors, 4400 Greenville Ave., (Old Town Shopping Center), 696-6133.

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Mary Brown Malouf