House of Blues Brings Back Hash and Gospel

A scaled-back version of the House of Blues' gospel brunch, which was mothballed in August, is set to return to the West End restaurant next month.

According to featured performer Lady Diamond, who starred in the weekly hallelujah-and-hash show until January 2010, "Gospel Sunday" will be a monthly event starting February 13. This time around, Lady Diamond explains, she'll sing in the dining room, rather than on "the main stage where all the bigwigs come," and the restaurant's done away with its "huge massive buffet." But Lady Diamond's confident she'll be able to rebuild the once-popular tourist attraction.

"I'm bringing it back to make it more viable," Lady Diamond says. "They're trying to revitalize and revamp downtown, and Dallas is in need of something iconic."

A gospel brunch may not be a Dallas icon -- the format probably originated in New York -- but it's become a signature event for the House of Blues chain, although outlets have had varying degrees of success with it: While locations near Disney World and Disneyland maintain a two-seating Sunday schedule, Houses of Blues in Atlantic City, Boston, Cleveland and San Diego have put their shows on hiatus.

Lady Diamond says she approached House of Blues management about reinstating the program.

"I got my energy back and I talked to them," says Lady Diamond, who's woven the return into her inspirational patter. "I hated to see it end. I went to them and said, 'Let's make this happen.' You never give up."

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Hanna Raskin
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