How 'Bout Them Knockers: 1st Quarter Review

Three months in and Quesa-D-Ya's looks like the restaurant to beat. They slipped past the early leader, Nandina Asian Tapas, the week of January 26 and have held on since, easily brushing off a few feeble challenges.

So as the first quarter closes, we pause to assess the highs, lows and averages of home delivery thus far...

Overall Standings

Chef House 79
Panda Delite 78
Dallas Gourmet Grill 71
Skillman Wok/Border Express 54
Zini's Pizzeria 51
LA Gourmet Pizza 47

Average promised delivery time: 45 minutes
Average actual delivery time: 45.08 minutes

Shortest promised delivery time: Spiatzas Pizzeria--25 minutes
Longest promised delivery time: LA Gourmet Pizza/DiningIn--75 minutes
Shortest actual delivery time: Quesa-D-Ya's--29 minutes
Longest actual delivery time: LA Gourmet Pizza/DiningIn--89 minutes

Best delivery performance: Nandina Asian Tapas, beating promised time by 15 minutes
Worst delivery performance: Zini's Pizzeria, late by 27 minutes

All in all, we've waited 541 minutes (a tick over 9 hours) for 12 home delivery orders.

Some highs and lows from our scoring summaries:
Best crust in the world (without actually trying all the crust in the world) (Scalini's): 50
It's pizza, and someone brings it to you (LA Gourmet Pizza): 39
Knieval-like daring-do of ordering Tex-Mex from a Chinese kitchen (Skillman Wok): 35
Free chips and salsa (Quesa-D-Ya's): 33
Fact that they deliver steaks (Dallas Gourmet Grill): 30
Lost delivery guy turns out to be a hippie look alike (Chef House): 30
Credit for delivering smallish portions and call it Asian tapas (Nandina): 24
Altering their flagship menu item's ingredients without question because my wife doesn't like bell-peppers and onions on her pizza (i Fratelli): 20
Nobody got food poisoning (Zini's): 20
Leaving out the fortune cookie (Chef House): -9
Ice-cold marinara dipping sauce that come with the breadsticks which cost $2.49 (i Fratelli): -10
Beef cooked to level orange choking threat (Dallas Gourmet Grill): -12
Delivering a pizza on foot without using a heat bag on a freezing day (Spiatzas): Priceless (or in this case: -20)
Minutes between first bite and onset of grease-induced coma (LA Gourmet Pizza): (minus) 35

The second quarter begins next Monday...

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Dave Faries
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