How 'Bout Them Knockers: 2nd Quarter Review

At the end of March it looked as if Quesa-D-Ya's and its 94 points would stay on top all year long. Then, two weeks into this quarter, a City of Ate staffer ordered from Izmir Market.

Bye-bye, Quesa-D-Ya's. At least until the playoffs.

For the most part, May-June proved to be strong months. Besides Izmir's near perfect 98, Bangkok City racked up 95 points, also squeezing past D-Ya's, while Lover's Pizza and Philly Connection filed into the top ten with scores in the low 90s...overshadowing nice efforts by Oriental Lite and Tony's Pizza. On the other hand, there was that pathetic outing by Rocco's...

Anyway, as the second quarter closes, we pause to the highs, lows and averages of home delivery over the past three months.

Top Ten

See complete 2009 standings here

Shortest promised delivery time: Rocco's Uptown, 30 minutes
   1st Quarter: Spiatzas Pizzeria, 25 minutes
Longest promised delivery time: Bangkok City, 60 minutes
   1st Quarter: L.A. Gourmet, 75 minutes
Shortest actual delivery time: Amica's Pizza & Pasta, 29 minutes
   1st Quarter: Quesa-D-Ya's, 29 minutes
Longest actual delivery time: Rocco's Uptown, 60 minutes
   1st Quarter: L.A. Gourmet, 89 minutes

Best delivery performance: Tony's Pizza & Pasta, beating promised time by 17 minutes
   1st Quarter: Nandina Asian Tapas, 15 minutes
Worst delivery performance: Rocco's Uptown, late by 30 minutes
   1st Quarter: Zini's Pizzeria, 27 minutes

This quarter we waited 7 hours and 41 minutes for home delivery, all told.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.