How 'Bout Them Knockers: 4th Quarter Review

Once Izmir captured all but two points in a stunning performance earlier this year, the Knockers leader board became a race of also-rans...or also-also-rans in this particular three month span.

It was, without question, the most lackluster quarter in the storied history of How 'Bout Them Knockers. Qdoba managed to squeak into the top ten--a tie for the final slot. Three others topped the 80 mark. The other restaurants wallowed in the 70s, with 72 being the most common score (Jasmine, Pizza XPress and Papa John's--technically a 71.8).

So, nothing all that great. Even worse, there were no true disasters...other than Sarah Johnson's dog eating her fortune cookie.

A dog eating Chinese food--that will have to stand as the most memorable moment of an otherwise dull three months. Still, there were some notable numbers:

Shortest promised delivery time: Sushi World, 20 minutes.
1st quarter: Spiatzas Pizzeria--25
2nd quarter: Rocco's Uptown--30
3rd quarter: New Big Wong, Panda's and Tuk Tuk Asian--30

Longest promised delivery time: Pluckers and Qdoba, 60 minutes.
1st quarter: L.A. Gourmet--75
2nd quarter: Bangkok City--60
3rd quarter: Oak Cliff Pizza, Brother's Pizza--50

Shortest actual delivery time: Oliver's Eatery, 15 minutes.
1st quarter: Quesa-D-Ya's--29
2nd quarter: Amica's Pizza--29
3rd quarter: Tuk Tuk Asian--11

Longest actual delivery time: Pluckers, 80 minutes.
1st quarter: L.A. Gourmet--89
2nd quarter: Rocco's Uptown--60

3rd quarter: Brother's Pizza--90

Best delivery performance: Qdoba, beating promised time by 15 minutes.
1st quarter: Nandina Asian--15
2nd quarter: Tony's Pizza--17
3rd quarter: Tuk Tuk Asian--19

Worst delivery performance: Pluckers, late by 20 minutes.
1st. quarter Zini's Pizzeria--27
2nd quarter: Rocco's Uptown--30

3rd quarter: Brother's Pizza--40

Average delivery time this quarter: 36 minutes. This quarter we waited a grand total of 6:56 for food delivery.

Top Ten

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.