How 'Bout Them Knockers: Brother's Pizza

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Each week in 'Knockers' we order from a different delivery restaurant, assessing their efficiency and keeping a running score.

Brother's Pizza
4151 Travis

Promised delivery time: 50 minutes
Actual delivery time: 90 minutes

The Score
Actually experiencing a John Hughes movie moment in real life: 15
Experiencing a John Hughes movie moment that involves my dinner: -15
Short and to the point ordering process: 20
Not lying about delivering to my neighborhood: 35
Wrong food and buttery Caesar salad: -30
Refunding my card without hesitation : 10
Giving me something to bitch about: 2

Total Score: 37
(Brothers logs lowest score ever)

Top Ten

Roti Grill 88
Panda's Restaurant & Bar 88

See complete 2009 standings here

Where do I begin? Do I start with my "Pretty in Pink" moment with Sol's Taco Lounge, or do I jump ahead to being stood up by Brothers Pizza and Pasta? It's pretty much all the same high school flashback, so lets go with the Andrew McCarty letdown.

All day I racked my brain on where I could order from. I've always ordered Chinese or Italian, and, well, I needed to spice things up a little bit. You could only imagine my excitement when I discovered Sol's Taco Lounge did delivery after 5:00 p.m.

It was the middle of the day--so I wasn't quite ready to order, but wanted to make sure they ventured out to my neck of the woods. I called them up and the man on the phone gave me the over the phone thumbs up. I patiently waited for my roommate to get home later that evening so we could call them again and order our Mexican fiesta.

Everything was going smoothly until it was time to give the address and the person on the phone politely let me know that they don't deliver to our area, because we live on the other side of the tracks, aka the Dallas tollway. I let him know that I called earlier and checked, but he wasn't going to cave. He was the James Spader to my Molly Ringwald.

On to option two, Brother's Pizza and Pasta.

I found the menu when I was packing up our kitchen junk drawer (did I mention that I'm also in the middle of moving) and was curious to try them out before the big move. So again, I picked up the phone and dialed another restaurant number. Before they could even say hello, I immediately asked them if they delivered to our area and they did. I could breathe a sigh of relief...or so I thought.

Placed the order, told him the address again, gave my credit card info, and he let me know it would be around 50 minutes. Normal delivery time considering it was a rainy weekend night.

Well, a little over an hour passes by, so I decide to call and check on the status. I let the phone ring for what it seems like forever and no one picks up, not even an answering machine. I start to think that maybe this whole restaurant thing is scam and now they have my credit card info and are boarding a plane to Costa Rica.

Well, maybe not Costa Rica. They could at least get a nice meal for three at McDonald's.

After experiencing momentary insanity, I call back again and finally someone answers. The same guy tells me that his delivery man hasn't exactly left yet. He hasn't exactly what yet? My stomach and I started to panic. He assured me that I would get my food in the next 10-15 minutes.

The Brother's employee was right, I did get food in the next 10 minutes, but it wasn't my food. I ordered a Caesar salad with two slices of pepperoni pizza with jalapenos and black olives, and fettuccine Alfredo for the roomie. I open the pizza box to discover a small whole pizza with pepperoni and pineapple instead of my two slices. Ugh, pineapple. I chased the delivery man down the hallway and gave him back the box. I told him not to worry about coming back since the weather was gross, but if they could take the pizza charge off my ticket...

So I sadly walked back to my apartment not looking forward to a container full of greens. I plopped down on my couch and reluctantly started to eat my salad.

Yuck, get this out of my mouth was my first thought. The Caesar dressing tasted more like a weird thick buttery stuff with a bitter aftertaste. I also had my suspicions about the romaine lettuce they used. That was the last straw of the night, I had finally reached my boiling point.

I called up Brother's for the fourth time that evening and told them all the problems I had encountered and asked if they could give me a refund. They were very nice about it and went ahead to void out my charge. My lucky roommate ended up enjoying her free pasta, and well, I ended up down the street at Zini's finally enjoying my two slices of pizza.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.


Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.