How Bout Them Knockers: Oliver's Eatery

Promised Delivery Time: 40 Minutes
Actual Delivery Time: 22 minutes

Scoring Summary:
Beat the clock delivery speed: 20
Easy order taking: 20
Amazing take-away sandwiches: 30
Vast menu choices: 10

Total: 80

It has been a rough week within the confines of the City of Ate. From the beer soaked day at last weekend's Edgefest to the many Cinco de Mayo celebrations that led me on a personal quest for the holy grail of margaritas, to all the trips to the sparkling new Meddlesome Moth, I can only be described as a suffering bastard.

There are worse things in life, I suppose.

But I needed a break. So I visited one of my birthday celebrating friends for a few rounds of pool and sedentary television. I do not own a television, so this can be somewhat of a treat for me. In minutes, I can catch up with the latest in dancing stars, or the current berated and bellyaching wannabe song-stylists on American Idol.

We settled on watching a DVD version of The Meaning of Life. I have always rated the Python movie a 10, and any chance I get to watch Mr. Creosote explode after ingesting the wafer thin mint, I am all in.

It wasn't long into the film that my birthday friend announces that I am in charge of dinner.

Suffering bastards do not cook. They certainly do not go to grocery stores and mingle through fresh produce while the Python crew is explaining life's many wonders.

I asked for the take-away menus and was presented with a folder that included a menu from every haunt that could sling kung pao chicken within a 3 mile radius. Then there was the ration of Dominoes refrigerator magnets.

As I filtered through the folder, one menu stood out like the winning holy grail margarita I had earlier this week. It was Oliver's Eatery located at Frankford and the Tollway. What impressed me was the vastness of the menu: salads, sandwiches, burgers, pizza and soups. The photos on the menu looked great, and for the condition I was in, that sealed the deal.

I ordered the Southwest Chicken panini for myself--it came with fries. My friend wanted a turkey panini. Ordered and done. I was promised a 40-minute delivery time.

It must not have been a terribly busy evening for them, as the delivery took all of 22 minutes.

The chicken sandwich looked amazing in all its panini goodness. The Southwest includes a generous portion of grilled chicken, avocado, roasted tomatoes and Swiss cheese all snuggled tightly with field greens. The sandwich tasted as good as it sounded.

As for birthday friend's turkey panini, it was devoured and fast on its way to digestion shortly before I finished snapping a few pictures of my sandwich.

I settled back in to enjoy my bounty while considering what cask beer the Meddlesome Moth might be serving. A pint of beer makes a fine birthday gift, I hear.

Oliver's Eatery
4727 Frankford Road #373

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