How 'Bout Them Knockers: Pizza By Marco

Delivery Time: 45 Minutes (No Time Quoted)

Having To Go Outside To Direct Delivery Man: Minus Five Points

Extensive Array Of Offerings And Pizza Toppings: 30 Points

Small Pizza A Little Too Small For The Price: Minus Five Points

Finally Putting Enough Sauce On A Pizza: 30 Points

Use Of Pecans In Delivery Salad: Five Points

Tasting Better Than Average Delivery Pizza: 25 Points

Total: 80 Points

Back in the days of yore, when old-time pizza parlors such as Shakey's and Crystal's were considered state of the art, a pizza was generally a carefully concocted blend. Just enough crust (usually thin in those days), a careful blend of toppings and spices, and sufficient layers of sauce and cheese yielded a pizza that was memorable for its time. Seldom truly great, but rather quite good and filling. Then double cheese and triple meats became all the rage, and I believe that in the resulting madness, the essential art of balance was lost. In many of these tricked-out pies, you could barely taste any sauce at all underneath the enormous freight of extra toppings.

Happily, many places have since reverted to the old-school method, and I was particularly delighted to find that Pizza By Marco still makes a product where you can clearly taste every single ingredient.

These days, online ordering is all the rage, and when I found that Pizza By Marco offered it, I was quick to take advantage. Preferring a basic pizza-and-greens approach on this occasion, I ordered a small pepperoni pizza with sundried tomatoes on half, plus pecan salads. The pecan salads were quite good, and I really appreciate that more people have started to use this versatile nut in their recipes, especially the caramelized, roasted variety that Marco favors.

Opening the box, I was initially dismayed to learn that Marco's small pizza was even smaller than I was used to, particularly for the price. However, the taste was exceptional, the sweetness of the tomatoes really played well against the spicy pepperoni, and all the ingredients worked together in harmony. Best of all, there was plenty of sauce. Very much like the old-time pizza parlor flavor, although without the pipe organ. The delivery man was quite friendly, although I had to go outside on the street to direct him to our place. Also, if there was any promised delivery time on Marco's online ordering system, I did not see it. Still, I will order again from Pizza By Marco, because they truly understand the old-school style of pizza, and best of all, they deliver it.

3220 E. Hebron Parkway

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