How 'Bout Them Knockers: Quesa-D-Ya's

2820 Greenville Ave.

Promised delivery time: 35 to 40 minutes
Actual delivery time: 29 minutes

The Score
Early delivery and pose for photo: 15
Totally friendly phone dude: 10
Cute D-Ya's work shirt (on delivery guy), printed packaging: 6
Free chips and salsa: 33
Questionable presence of diced pickles on build-your-own menu: -4
Build-your-own options: 19
Delivery after 9 p.m.: 15

Total Score: 94

Overall Standings
Quesa-D-Ya's 94

See the final 2008 standings here.

The Quesa-D-Ya's concept is one after my own heart: fast, reasonably priced delivery that, for once, isn't freakin' pizza. To be honest, I'm not even a huge fan of the quesadilla, but because a quesadilla is not pizza, I was more than happy to try out the newish delivery option that is lower Greenville's Quesa-D-Ya's. I was even willing to overlook the "spelled phonetically for people unwilling to pronounce a word with two Ls as it should be" moniker.

Gearing up for Thursday night TV with friends, we were worried about the post-9 p.m. delivery factor. No problem. Despite the boys running a bit long on the FIFA Xbox tournament, Quesa-D-Ya's was locked and loaded.

Perusing the menu took a while: With "favorite" D-Ya's (quesadillas, naturally), grilled burritos, salads, bowls and build-your-own options for all categories, the five of us took a bit to figure out exactly what we wanted, ending up with a cheese and onion D-Ya, a loaded veggie custom D-Ya, a BYOBowl and, for me, one of the faves: the Havana D-Ya (basically, a Cuban sandwich in a grilled, fresh tortilla--or, if we're keeping with the theme, Tor-T-Ya). We also requested a cup of queso, some guac sides and a dipping sauce for added difficulty. The phone dude did not falter. He was super-friendly, had perfect enunciation and read everything back with no mistakes despite our laundry-list BYOs.

But we were starving, so our growling stomachs killed the perfect phone order buzz. Not to worry, though, because really-speedy-but-laid-back delivery guy was to the door in less than the minimum estimated delivery time. Had I not met him outside on the landing by accident I feel certain he would have had a squirrelly and fun knock.

All of the custom efforts were pretty damn good. We piled into the veggie D-Ya with enthusiasm. The bowl was of generous size--but not overwhelming. My Havana, aside from being sort of confusing as a quesadilla, was surprisingly pleasing. (I saw the order as a challenge, and was, honestly, expecting disappointment.) Lacking only a bit of needed heat (spice, not temp), the pork was really flavorful, the ham not overwhelmingly salty and the pickles...well, while I feel they should not be on the build-your-own ingredients list, they were perfect in the Havana, providing a necessary crunch against the pulled meat. The dark mustard was key. I had to share it, though--even the small size was burly.

Queso: thick, but flavorful. Guac: not bad, fresh. Chips and salsa: Free, and probably our favorite part, because um, who wouldn't love warm chips and fresh salsa brought to your door?

Also, the small D-Ya (feeds one) is only $7. The large (feeds three to five) is $15. That's a bargain when compared to pizza purchased without coupons. And, again, it's not pizza. 

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Merritt Martin
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