How 'Bout Them Knockers: Thai 2 Go

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Each week in 'Knockers' we order from a different delivery restaurant, assessing their efficiency and keeping a running score.

Thai 2 Go
2222 Medical District Drive

Promised delivery time: 30 minutes
Actual delivery time: 16 minutes

Scoring Summary:

Seeming lack of authentic Thai employees: -3
Kal-El lightening fast delivery speeds: 30
Non-vegetarian salad only a vegetarian could love: 25
Limp noodles in need of a Viagra: -13
Thai food hand delivered to a bar in arctic temperatures while I drink: 45
Cold poofy puffs only a drunk could love: -12

Total Score: 72

The Table (So Far)
Sal's Pizza 74
Thai 2 Go 72

Suffering a bit of a cold, SARS or bird flu, and way too cheap for a true diagnosis, I decided to share my unknown disease at my favorite pub and feed the liver as well as my appetite. It's "feed a cold, starve a fever" or just the opposite, right?

My hands were really too frozen over to figure out if I was suffering a fever, so I left it to the hands of the expert, my favorite bartender.

Happy to see a few familiar faces in the bar, I offered to buy a drink for my friend David who was well into his third already) and dinner for Mary the bartender.

As she poured me a cocktail that would soon take off the edge of the night, I asked if she had some take-away menus. The usual in-house chili, although warm and meaty, wouldn't help with the quest for healing I was on.

My delivery choices were Jimmy John's and Thai 2 Go.

Not a huge selection, but considering it was nearing twenty degrees, I grabbed the Thai menu and the phone.

Mary the bartender fancies herself a vegetarian, not because of her passion for critters, but to maintain her girlish figure. I wanted some sort of meat laden concoction, and my near drunk friend eyeballed a fried curried appetizer. Order on.

I placed the order for a Papaya Salad, Basil Chili Noodles (Pad Kee Mow) and "Curry Puffs". The promise of a thirty minute delivery inspired a Shiner Bock. No more than 16 minutes later, a dude with a large sack of groceries appeared demanding his cash. Fast and scary at the the time.

We dug into the meal, each sharing a bit. We noticed the salad had shrimp, but Mary ate 'em anyway. I guess she's a Pescitarian?

The salad was spot on, but not nearly as spicy as most Papaya Salads. Mary said it ranked with the best of Papaya Salads she's had, but could use a bit more peanut. The Pad Kee Mow had the usual broad rice noodles, however on the incredible mushy side. The noodle dish contained all the heat the salad lacked, and few vegetables.

Sparse in the way of chicken, too.

The Curry Puffs were a bit of an enigma with a cold, fried exterior that lacked a crunch and sported a mushy mashed potato filling and hints of yellow curry. Odd at best. David seemed to enjoy them, but he was more inebriated by then and yammering on about seeing Mary at the Step Up Lounge a few weeks ago.

Overall fairly decent for Thai delivery to a bar in 20 something degree weather. Skip the Curry Puffs, for sure. One more problem, I forgot to snap some pics and had to stop on the way home for another batch.


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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.