How to Dallasize Your Thanksgiving, and We're Not Talking about a Signature Bridge

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Now that Meat Fight and the recaps of Meat Fight are over, all eyes can turn to the grandest of all food-centered holidays, Thanksgiving. Sure, lots of other holidays involve eating, but Thanksgiving is completely about the food. Supposedly there is a little in there about being thankful and glossing over some awkward history involving European settlers and Native Americans, but let's get real: It's mostly about the food.

Maybe this year you are thinking about spending a little extra money and buying more locally sourced foods. Here are some things to consider:

If you really want to have a local meal this Thanksgiving, best keep an open mind when it comes to recipes, particularly when it comes to meat. Local, pastured turkeys are sold out but if you are open to pork, chicken, or a (gasp) vegetarian main dish then you still have plenty to work with. On the produce front Marie Tedei, owner of Eden's Organic CSA Farm, said to be on the lookout for leafy greens, winter squash and root vegetables. Then there is cheese. So many good local cheeses. You should love yourself enough to buy good local cheese all year, but in case you normally have low cheese-esteem, make this holiday an excuse to splurge.

The following is a short list of places you can get many local items at once. An added bonus is all the businesses below are small and locally based.

1. Green Grocer They'll definitely have local sweet potatoes, squash, kale from Eat the Yard, mushrooms, and radishes. They are likely to have turnip greens, beets and fresh herbs. Highlights also include local sausage and milk/cream. While you are there you might want to pick up Green Grocer's collaboration with Holy Kombucha based on the store's cold press juice. You know, for the day after Thanksgiving.

2. Urban Acres The storefront recently moved to 1605 N. Beckley Street and just so happens to be having a soft opening on Saturday. You could go the local, pastured meat route with Windy Meadows chicken. Predicting their vegetable offering is always a grab-bag, so if you aren't a member, give them a call to see what they have in abundance. Their new store features a cheese counter with all local cheeses including Brazos Valley, Eagle Mountain, Caprino Royale, and Full Quiver. Bonus: free pumpkin cookies and local milk this Sunday only.

3. Greenling For you lazies out there, Greenling will deliver a local box of produce or local pastured meat right to your door. Not to mention cheese and whole bunch of other locally grown or made items like honey and jam.

4. Your favorite famer's market You know we love White Rock Local Market, but perhaps you have one in your neighborhood you prefer. This is your best bet for local, pastured eggs because you can get them straight from the farmer. You can get fresh and unique produce finds from smaller farmers that don't have the volume to sell to places like Urban Acres and Greenling. Just don't get there too early, because we need to do some shopping too.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.