You see potential property damage. I see dinner.
You see potential property damage. I see dinner.

Hungry? Apparently, Wild Pig Is Delicious.

Feral hogs are taking over Texas. The wild beasts have been ravaging the state in numbers in excess of 2 million, and their wallowing, rooting and feeding activities are responsible for more than $50 million in damage in rural parts of the state alone every year.

Texas Parks and Wildlife has a delicious solution to the porcine problem, though: tacos. The organization paired with Austin based chef Jesse Griffiths to produce a series of instructional videos on the preparation of wild game.

The video linked here shows how to turn a pork roast into delicious chipotle spiked tacos with guacamole and pico de gallo, that you could potentially use on any fatty cut of swine from the grocery store. Other spots detail wild duck yakitori, grilled venison and redfish fried three ways. (Trendy!)

Next Thursday, September 27, Griffiths will give hit up Central Market on Lovers Lane to promote his new book AFIELD, a guide to cooking wild game and fish. Not a hunter? Don't sleep on this. The next time you see a less than fortunate, inside out squirrel on the side of the road, you'll be prepared.

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