Hypnotic Donuts Finds A Permanent Home

The cupcake bubble continues to swell. Perhaps it is a trend that's here to stay. Cupcakes are cute, affordable, portable and fun. But they're also cakes for people who can't handle a real slice of cake.

While long lines continue to cause issues cupcake bakeries in the northeast, Dallas seems somewhat tempered with respect to the miniaturized desert (at least they're better than cake pops). Perhaps the city has a stronger affinity for another personally sized sweet -- the doughnut.

Hypnotic Donuts has been operating out of The Pizza Guy Restaurant on Saturday and Sunday mornings since May 2010, but the popular underground shop has outgrown its humble start-up kitchen. They've announced they will open a storefront in Garland, at 9007 Garland Road, which they expect to open early next year. The new shop will be open every day and feature brews from local coffee roasters Oak Cliff Coffee. The old location will close at the end of this month.

Their interesting approach won them a Best of Dallas award last year. Hypnotic Donuts features flavor combinations that push past your standard powdered jelly, including doughnuts with bacon and jalapeños, pretzels and peanut butter Cap'n Crunch.

I'm personally hoping for a maple glazed doughnut with loads of crumbled thick cut smoky bacon, and I'm wondering if they'll be willing to take things this far?

Cue up the comments. What's the most obnoxious flavor combination you can come up with as a partner for sweet fried dough?

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