Hypnotic Donuts Is Expanding to Denton

Doughnut shops are one of the few establishments that can get away without actually having a proper name, either on their building or anywhere else. All they need is a sign, preferably one that lights up, that proclaims "DONUTS" to the world. Pawn shops may be one of the only other places that can get away with that level of branding.

A doughnut shop means business when it has a real name then, and anyone who's been inside Hypnotic Donuts knows the place is serious. Doughnuts topped with elaborate constructions of banana, bacon and peanut butter; vegan doughnuts; pastries assembled with cayenne and horchata icing; and the simple pistachio doughnut, beloved by our food critic.

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Hypnotic is opening a new location in Denton this coming January, according to their website. The new shop will be on Hickory road, next to Natalie's Hookah Bar if we're understanding their mock-up.

Hypnotic's shop on Garland in Dallas is currently their only location, so this is the first sign of fried dough empire-building. The Denton location will be open for mornings and lunch, like its progenitor, but also will reopen in the evenings for the dinner crowd. If dinner doughnuts are a thing in Denton, clearly none of us are spending enough time there.

For the more athletic doughnut lovers out there, Hypnotic is also hosting a 5k run in Fair Park on January 25. There will be doughnut hole stations along the way so you can test your ability to frun over three miles on a pure sugar high (suck it, Gatorade).

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.