"I Got Your Adult Lunchables Right Here" No Longer Just a Pick-Up Line.

When I heard that Jell-O was marketing Jell-O Temptations, "The first Jell-O that's just for adults,"I thought that was pretty ridiculous. How do they even get porn into Jell-O packaging, let alone get the clearance to sell something like that in a Walmart?

But when I was searching for Jell-O Temptations in hopes of finding out just how adult a cup of Jell-O can be, I discovered something even better: Oscar Mayer's Adult Lunch Combos.

Their website describes the meal as "Can't-be-beat savory sandwiches filled with our deli meats and more, topped off with a crispy snack and an irresistible dessert."

Bet they're right too. Bet there's no way the savory sandwich in this box can be beaten. I bet there's nowhere else in the world that offers a better lunch product. This thing has it all: honey ham and Swiss, 100 calories of Ritz crackers and Jell-O Temptations. Mmmm. Adulty.

Check out the Oscar Mayer Honey Ham & Swiss Adult Lunch Combo unboxing after the jump. Spoiler alert: You're going to need new pants.


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