I'd Like My Pina Colada Improvised, Please.

As many of our Internet-savvy readers have figured out by now, Andrea Grimes is back at ye ol' Dallas Observer. After less than a week back on the beat, Grimes and I had enjoyed way more than one alcoholic beverage together -- holy effers, someone alert the Dallas Marketing Group! -- and she had hopped up on stage to support her other passion, comedy.

When she did that, I engaged in another passion of my own, sitting in a chair whilst drinking and laughing.

Seriously. I do that shit all the time and I LOVE IT.

But anyway...The point of this story is that on a recent Saturday night, the Boy and I -- immediately after seeing Iron Man 2, because I am so awesome that I like to be fair and do things he wants to do regardless of my interests (go with that and pretend it has nothing to do with the fact that I think RDJ is smoking hot) -- raced down to the Dallas Comedy House to check out the much lauded Megaphone Show...with special guest Grimesey.

We were promised laughs and drinks and drinks and laughs and interesting background music. I felt confident about the laughing, given the strong cast of the show (Amanda Austin, Clay Barton, Landon Kirksey and others), but I wasn't sure about the drinks or the music because well, I've been to comedy clubs before. That's right, in trips to other clubs I've been so disappointed in my first drink to the point where I've ordered an O'Doul's just to meet my drink minimum and piss off the bartender to boot.


But I was shocked: Dallas Comedy House not only had a food menu that did not make me want to vom (I ordered from it!), but it had thoughtful drink specials. Like, drinks you'd actually want to put in your mouth.

I knew we'd be hitting some adult snocone action later (more to come on that scene in another post), so I figured I'd start basic. But then I saw the Skinny Pina Colada on the li'l table top placard. Parrot Bay coconut, pineapple juice and soda. No cream of coconut? Not bad. Sorta weird that the photo on the menu looks a little like a cocktail with a pickle garnish, but I accepted that it was just a freaky lime, didn't let it affect me and moved on with my order.

Our server -- who was awesome at the mid-show shoulder-tap-and-whisper -- said that while it was her first night on the job (even bigger props), she'd been drinking there before and definitely recommended it. I do love an unsolicited validation of my order.

The drink arrived and the show started. Members of the cast interviewed Grimes and as she drank whiskey, answered questions and told anecdotes (tip: Rent The Anarchist's Cookbook and watch the first 4.5 minutes). They riffed off of what she said, creating an improv show that was really damn funny. Descriptions do no justice, but know there's something gut-busting about a Southern gentleman's eulogy for a miniature prop horse as well as what happens when your next door neighbor is the Grim Reaper and his dog is super irritating.

I sipped on a light and breezy cocktail that made me feel like I was on a cruise ship enjoying some on-ship entertainment...but way better entertainment than I saw when I was last on a cruise ship, trust.

The rum was present but not heavy-handed, so the coconut flavor wasn't cloying. The soda/pineapple relationship kept the sticky sweet from becoming overwhelming. There was a nice amount of ice. I could drink about four of them and pass out in a hammock with no problem, but I tend to prefer knowing what I'm laughing at -- call me lucid -- so I didn't get hammered while Grimes got megaphoned (sounds gross, isn't).

Oh, and the music? Let's just say in one improvised transition, Marilyn Manson followed some yacht rock. I laughed yet again, took one last draw off my coconut-y straw and vowed to return to try out more shows and drinks...sans pickle garnish.

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Merritt Martin
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