With turmeric and coconut milk, this rum cocktail has our attention.EXPAND
With turmeric and coconut milk, this rum cocktail has our attention.
courtesy Ida Claire

Ida Claire’s Turn the Tables Is Booze with Benefits

Drinking is tough on the body, so when we have the chance to soak up some nutrients with our ABV, we're overjoyed. Which is why we were recently overjoyed by a beneficial little bevvy we found at Ida Claire: Turn the Tables.

The rum cocktail features turmeric syrup and coconut milk, two things that not only lend it some health benefits on the sly, but also a unique color. Turmeric, among other things, is meant to help with inflammation and has also been found to mitigate hangovers. Coconut milk is said to help with lowering cholesterol, which means you can down that extra piece of bacon and know your cocktail is working on the DL to combat it. Oh, and both ingredients have been found to improve heart health.

If we didn't have you convinced with the health benefits, we'll also assure you that this is one tasty tipple, healthy or not.

Turn the Tables ($11): rum, turmeric syrup, coconut milk, lemon

Ida Claire, 5001 Belt Line Road

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