If Dallas Were an Ice Cream, What Would it Taste Like?

Ben and Jerry's is officially out of ideas. The company kicked off a campaign recently to market flavors based on cities across the country. The announcement led us to pose the question on Facebook: What would Dallas taste like as an ice cream?

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The question reminds me a bit of our quest to turn Dallas into a series of scratch-n-sniff stickers, only with milk and eggs. The answers were even better this time, though.

Nick Metzger was obliged to break it down by neighborhood...

Highland park: Spray tan and silicone SMU: Jagerbomb Uptown: Body spray Downtown: Panhandler sweat Deep Ellum: PBR Bishop Arts: Locally sourced artisan organic vanilla

At least one of those sounds delicious, depending on your tastes. And that's just the start of them.

Linda Coleman thought Fracky Road might make for a good flavor, perhaps laced with volatile organic compounds, and Alyssa Markham Clements had a creative idea for getting two flavors in one tub.

Whatever it is one half should be a different color than the other half then it can be called Dallas/Fort Worth :)

Jennie Harding had a realistic idea that could actually work, calling for Dr Pepper and dark chocolate, while Stephanie Moore called for spiced pecans and peaches in Mexican vanilla, with a swirl of the same soda.

Not everything was appetizing. Money, arrogance, saline, Botox and hairspray marked the vanity flavors. And while it's a bit vague (actually, the possibilities are endless) Mattie Mattie offers my favorite option put quite succinctly: brunch.

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