If You Can't Stand Our Heat, Tell Us About Other Kitchens

Dallas' dining scene is back in the national spotlight today, with Eater publishing its Dallas "heat map," described as "a chronicle of the city's restaurants of the moment."

Two-thirds of the restaurants were chosen by, um, me, in response to an e-mail soliciting names of the town's most-discussed eateries. "Not the best, but the most buzzed about," map author Gabriel Ulla clarified. He supplemented my nominees with a few of his own.

What do you think? Have Gabe and I been listening? Or did we miss out on a few buzzed-about (not best, mind you) restaurants?

One quick caveat: I sneaked in Lockhart Smokehouse, because it's on the cusp of opening and because it has the potential to be a game-changer in an important category of local cuisine. But I otherwise stuck to restaurants where visitors might feasibly score a seat right now -- or, in the case of the perpetually overbooked Lucia, sometime in the foreseeable future. No fair naming Marquee, Private Social, Cedars Social, the Dallas branch of Brownstone or any other restaurant without a liquor license and an opening date.

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Hanna Raskin
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