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Il Cane Rosso Stretches Wings, Flies Coup

In the months Jay Jerrier has been operating his guerrilla-style restaurant out of Chocolate Angel, located at Preston and Forest in North Dallas, he knew there would come a day when he would stretch his own wings and venture off for himself to take his love child, Cane Rosso, to the next level.

What started as a passion for great pizza has taken the certified Neapolitan pie maker to levels that even he didn't imagine, to the betterment of the Dallas pizza scene.

The quality product that Jerrier produces begins with his unique hand-made dough and continues through each step of creating the perfect pizza, including the hand-crushed San Marzano tomatoes, freshly stretched mozzarella cheese and myriad locally gathered ingredients such as Jimmy's sausage and herbs.

As reported earlier this week by Kim Pierce at The Dallas Morning News, Jerrier will be taking a brief hiatus as he seeks a permanent location for Il Cane Rosso. It was originally reported that Jerrier would separate from his current location after this weekend, but that has since changed, and he will not be returning to the Preston-Forest spot.

What will we do to get our Neapolitan pizza fix until Cane Rosso becomes a permanent brick-and-mortar facility? Jerrier assures City of Ate that he will continue to make appearances at the Times Ten Cellars Lakewood location on Wednesdays, private parties, or one of his many charitable events where he has volunteered his roving brick pizza oven to aid the community.

Today Jerrier painted a positive future for Cane Rosso, saying he would look into added days at Times Ten Cellars and other opportunities until his business has a home of its own. "I have many locations around Dallas that I am currently looking over, and continue to look at new possibilities. I hope to have the permanent operation going just after the July 4th holiday," Jerrier says.

Kert Platner from Times Ten Cellars added "We are happy to have Jay associated with us on Wednesdays and will certainly look into adding other days through the week. Last night was crazy, we were packed with people wanting the pizza. I can see us adding Tuesday to the mix for sure, and as our schedule allows."

Regardless of where your pizza loyalties lie, this is one guerrilla that won't lie down easily.

For now find Cane Rosso being served Wednesdays at: Times Ten Cellars 6324 Prospect Ave. 214-824-9463

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