I'm Thinking About Getting a 2BR Apartment with Grub Burger Bar's Kitchen Sink Milkshake

The bartender slams two milkshakes down in front of us. "Bam!"

I shoot my date a look as if to say Get a load of this guy. Does he think he's Emeril? My date volleys back with eyes that say I am going to steal your shake.

Oh, how quickly he's changed his tune. When we stopped by Grub Burger Bar for a post-dinner treat one night, I immediately set my scopes on the Kitchen Sink shake. I read the menu's description to him: pretzels, peanut butter, salt, butterscotch sauce, caramel sauce, chocolate chips, coffee grounds, and potato chips.

He squinched up his face.

"Sounds like drinking compost. I'm getting a chocolate shake."

Right about "Bam!" time, though, it's obvious he's regretting playing it safe.

Full of self-satisfaction, I take my first sip. Butterfinger. It's like liquid Butterfinger. Or a cracked-out Blizzard. Finally, I have a reason to live.

"How's your shake?" I ask my date. "It's really good," he says, but I see him eyeing my Kitchen Sink (not code for cleavage). I tilt the fat straw toward him and he takes a sip. He knows this was not the first or the last time I was right.

If I had really been on top of my game, I would've ordered the "dirty" version of the kitchen sink -- all the crazy stuff listed above, plus chocolate vodka. Other "spiked" shakes include the Bourbon & Caramel and the Moonshine American Pie. Grub may be a burger bar, but those shakes! They could almost steal the spotlight.

The restaurant is casual and relaxed with a bit of swank. The place is more window than wall, and they can crack open a few glass doors to let in the beautiful spring breezes. You and your shake -- er, date -- could also wander out onto the patio to spend some time alone.

As for us, we must return soon and check off the entire shake menu, two by two. But it won't be easy to resist ordering the Kitchen Sink every time.

Find Grub Burger Bar at 4925 Greenville Ave., #150 , 972-370-3636.

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Kellie Reynolds
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