In Honor of Pink Slime, Five Other Gross Meats That We Happen to Love

Oh, pink slime, where did it all go wrong? Your name alone is gross, your photo induces a gag reflex and, unfortunately, the image has been seared into our brains (for now, anyway). And now grocery stores -- including Walmart, where just about everything goes there -- are banishing you. Sorry, kiddo. We had a good run.

But unless you were raised on a farm where you picked your own veggies and butchered your own meat, you've probably been eating slime-ish things all your life, like beige unitard tubes of pig parts (hotdogs). In that vein, here's a tribute to pink slime and all the other funky meats that are the best of the worst of our food culture.

1. Hot Dogs. (Above) What's even better than a hot dog at a ball game? One with bacon wrapped around it, of course.


2. The McRib. With more farewell tours than the Stones, we just can't stand to see this rock star go away.


3. Anything at Taco Bell.There's been much debate over what constitutes "taco meat filling," but at 1 a.m. in the drive-thru, who cares?


4. 7-Eleven Chili Cheese Machines. Scott Reitz recently expounded on the glory of Frito pie at 7-Eleven. There are really so many ways to use this machine: hot dogs, nachos, Cheetos. And, aparently the chili cheese machines tried to start a Facebook page. It's description is "The Most American invention EVER."


5. Sausage. This photo, which is so easy on the eyes, was taken at a World Series game at the Ballpark in Arlington. It's sausage split with chopped beef, smashed taters and macaroni and cheese. No matter which way you split it, sausage is core to all that is glorious, yet frightening in the world of meats.


Bonus: Salisbury Steak Frozen Dinners. Here's a beautiful, heart-felt tribute to Salisbury steak that we can all relate to because "... it tastes like 1978 through 1982, which were brown and sort of caramelized years anyway."

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