In Like Fin: Affordable Fish and Fine People-Watching

Happy Eating highlights restaurant happy hour food menus, keeping you informed of what deals there are out there. This week, we're in the gayborhood checking out Fin Sushi Lounge's impressive happy hour menu.

Where: Fin Sushi Lounge, 4123 Cedar Springs Road, No. 102 When: 4:30-7 p.m. Monday-Friday, 3-6 p.m. Saturday and all evening on Sunday The Scene: Our main beef with Fin is how dark and "clubby" it gets at night, but when it's still daylight out, happy hour in the bar and patio isn't so bad. It gets filled up, and it's a lively crowd of boisterous drinkers and serious happy hour eaters. The Deal: A two-page menu of sushi and appetizer options all for $6 or less. Outside of Kona Grill, we've never seen so many diners taking advantage of a happy hour menu. Items include rolls like spicy salmon and hamachi and hot items such as tempura shrimp and fried tofu. The Con: The parking garage gate at the Ilume building isn't always cooperative, which can be a nuisance. There is complimentary valet, however. Eat: The Vietnamese spring rolls. Fresh greens, sweet shrimp, sticky rice paper, and a crispy fried egg roll skin make this one of the better spring rolls found at a "fusion" spot. Skip: The $4 California roll. I'm looking at you, lady sitting next to me. Lushworthy: $2 hot sake.

The bottom line: A cheap meal and entertaining people watching makes Fin Sushi a visit-worthy happy hour.

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Kristy Yang
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