International Bakery Cuban, the Makers of DFW's Best Cuban, May Come to Dallas

Whatever you're doing you should stop right now, minimize that spreadsheet, close all your browser windows (except this one) and promise to do exactly as I say.

Yesterday a thoughtful reader pointed out the owners behind the International Bakery Cuban Dulceria posted some interesting news on their Facebook page. Apparently they're having some capacity issues at their Carrolton location and are faced with an important decision to expand or open a second location.

And guess where that second location might be.

I realize Dallas has some decent options for Cubanos. CBD Provisions, for instance, offers a decadent sandwich that oozes with nutty Swiss cheese. But the International Bakery serves up the most authentic Cuban I've had since moving to Dallas. Your life is significantly better after you eat one. Oh, and the owners are sweet as pie -- a fact that has nothing to do with all the desserts they bake.

So before you get back to calculating TC and ROI or surfing for great deals on Amazon, click this link and check out their post. They're asking participants to vote for their favorite option. If you live in Dallas and fancy Cuban sandwiches this is your chance to make a difference.

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