Introducing Cold Beer Company, the Neighborhood Pub That Will Be Intoxicating You Soon(ish)

Have you ever noticed the small, vacant building on the triangle of earth framed by Main Street and Exhibition Avenue near Fair Park? It's been abandoned for years, so for the most part it's not much to look at, but in a way it does have a bit of character. It exudes what real estate agents love to call "charm."

Potential: That's another word people like to slather on buildings that look like they're about to fall apart, but potential is exactly what Carter Voekel and his two partners see in the address. Kelly Wesner and Gabe Whatley own and operate the Fillmore Pub in Plano, where Voekel has been working as a manager. The three teamed up when they saw a little brick building with boarded up windows between Fair Park and Deep Ellum. Voekel says they hope that the Cold Beer Company will be open sometime this summer.

The name makes it pretty clear there will be beer available for drinking to excess, but Voekel clarifies about the menu. "It's going to be small," he says of the kitchen, noting they won't even have room for a deep fryer. "We don't want to be a restaurant that serves beer," he says. "We want to be a bad-ass bar that serves food."

That doesn't mean food will be an afterthought. They're planning on a small, 15-item menu based on local ingredients wherever possible. If your locavore bullshit detector just went off, keep reading: Voekel is talking ultra local. He plans to source his meat from Rudolph's Butcher Shop, right up the street, and cheese from the Mozzarella Company, which is even closer. Some of those taps will obviously draw from locally filled kegs, too.

Structurally, the inside of the building is built out, so they just have to focus on furniture fixtures and the kitchen. And then there's landscaping, of course, because CBC will have ample outdoor seating. Considering your only drinking options within a few blocks are Sons of Herman Hall and Doublewide, this new bar sounds like a great fit for the neighborhood.

Of course, there's still that whole matter of occupancy and other permits so that July opening is just a best guess, but here's hoping we won't have to wait too much longer.

Cold Beer Company, 3600 Main Street, coldbeerco.com

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.