Is Dallas Ready To Eat Bugs?

Remember last year when we stumbled on Stephan Pyles' Twitter feed? The chef was traveling around Mexico, gathering ideas for menu items for Stampede 66, and tweeting up a storm. See Also: - Stampede 66 Teases Tacos de Chipolines Pyles snapped a picture of a bin full of grasshoppers and teased that selling tacos de chipolines in Dallas would be next to impossible. I cheered him on, but no luck. There were no grasshopper tacos when the new restaurant opened.

But what if they were to become available here in Dallas... Would anyone eat them?

The UN just released a report that makes a case for eating critters with more than four legs. For nearly 200 pages Edible Insects explores the future prospects for food and feed security. The report covers the farming, harvesting, and nutritional value of mealworms, beetles, crickets, silkworms grasshoppers and more. There's also a chapter on marketing insects as food, and dealing with the "disgust factor."

The paper admits it's difficult to convince some cultures that bugs can be food and not something to step on. I wish Pyles had served those cricket tacos so we could have seen how accepting or curious Dallas customers could be. Sierra Magazine is devoting next month's feature to edible insects. Who knows, maybe you'll see bugs on a menu soon.

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