Is There A Recipe For Fungus Among Us?

For many of us, our earliest interests in mushroom recipes didn't extend much past pizza. Or just maybe disguising the nauseating taste of manure-grown psychedelic mushrooms...or so we've heard.

But if your interest in cooking with mushrooms has matured beyond the juvenile, your recipe could win you as much as $2,000.

Contestants in the Mushroom Council's "Every Day Every Way" contest can win $1,000 by capturing one of four categories, and another $1,000 for submitting the overall best recipe. Categories include Happily Veggie After (an overly cure way of saying mushrooms as a substitute for meat), Mushroom Main Event (less cute, meaning mushrooms as part of the entree), Inspiring Appetizers (self-explanatory) and Fun Fungi (the council uses mushroom ice cream as an example, so we don't think it's asking you to use the aforementioned 'shrooms).

Best of all, you can enter as many recipes in as many categories as you want. So get out Grandma's cookbook. Just be careful if you pick them yourself. You could eat the wrong kind and end up in a crappy horror movie.

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