It Was So Hot Yesterday We Tried Cooking Bacon and Cookies in the Car

So, a question for all of your doctors out there: If you eat bacon that cooked on the dashboard of a car parked outdoors in the midday, 100-plus degree heat, will you experience health issues?

Ah, hell, never mind -- that ship's pretty much sailed. Yesterday at 1 p.m., after reading on the Daily What about some genius who cooked up a couple of trays of cookies in the galactic temperatures, we attempted leaving bacon and Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookies on the dash of a car outside Observer headquarters, near Maple and Oak Lawn, to see if they would cook.

Then, we, like, ate the bacon. And the cookies.

Crazy thing? After a few hours in the car, the bacon was actually crisp in some places. The cookies were a pretty mushy, but hell, not the worst things we've ever tasted. Definitely better than those ones at the grocery story with the circle of hard frosting on top.

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