It Wouldn't Be Dallas Without More Pizza and More Tex-Mex

This week, Dallas blogs were excited about Restaurant Week and even more excited about the opening of Dough Pizzeria. Exactly one person was excited about another Tex-Mex joint. Read on.

City of Ate Scott Reitz suggests Craft Dallas might be a dubious name for a place that struggles with consistency. The snails and the okra? Bliss. But the scallops and mushrooms? Pretty good, but only if you're there on the right night.

SSahm BBQ is a food truck for people who enjoy food, not uptight Korean barbecue purists, said Alice Laussade.

And another thing that annoys us about eating out: What about servers who don't write orders down? Watching a server memorize an order is far off from a magic trick, and not worth all the anxiety.

In case you were born yesterday, Dough Pizzeria opened in Dallas this week with a quiet buzz and 90-second pizzas.

Grant Achatz opened Next in Chicago, an innovative "theater" concept that charges diners in advance and overhauls its menu each season. Scott said it may be the cure for Dallas' "culinary ADD."

Alice offers some tips on how to pack a sack lunch and how to raise your kids so they won't end up sissies.

Side Dish Brooklynne Peters sits down with Carrie Keep, a NOSH line cook who became a contestant on season 9 of Hell's Kitchen. The word "cheffy" is thrown around.

Side Dish caught Dough Fever this week, and delivered several posts worth of pictures here and here.

In non-pizzeria news, Garden Café is considering laying hens. Aren't we all?

Andrew Chalk confirms that Taco Ocho serves passable Tex-Mex.

Pegasus News Teresa Gubbins presents an interesting timeline on the Hendary family's restaurants.

Denton has even more vegan news as the first all-vegan store opens up.

Escape Hatch Dallas A self-described "adult candy store," Houston-based Spec's Wine & Spirits will open at Walnut Hill Lane and North Central Expressway, and will sell its eponymous products, plus specialty food items, bar ware and glasses.

Nonna's Julian Barsotti will open Carbone's Fine Food and Wine early next year. It will be an "Italian-American grocery" with a lunch counter and Sunday dinners.

Crave DFW Instead of another article about Where To Find The Best Burger, Crave lists off alleged burger birthplaces. In the same way Al Gore invented the Internet, Kim Jong Il invented the hamburger.

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