It's Almost the End of National Hot Dog Month. If You Haven't Been Celebrating, Get To It.

Oh, Aters. Twenty-nine days of bliss have passed us by and we haven't lead you to a single wiener. We haven't photographed one tubesteak, nor have we grilled a single frankfurter. July is hot dog month and we haven't offered the slightest coverage. We've let you down. We've let down Janet Riley. She's the President of the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council. They call her the "Queen of Wien."

Ask most Dallasites about hot dogs, and they'll direct you to the Angry Dog or Wild About Harry's. We tossed out a question on the Face asking where fans get their hot dog fix, and some interesting answers are coming in, including Dog Stop and L.A. Burger. We thought we'd move the discussion to City of Ate.

Do you even eat hot dogs out, or do you prefer to cook them at home? Maybe you could head over to Jimmy's. They have the requisite green relish and sport peppers if you like your Chi-dog "dragged through the garden." Or maybe you're a hot dog hater, Ater?

I like mine fresh from the grill, with a snappy natural casing cooked nearly black. Top it with mustard, onions and a nice homemade relish. Ever try chow-chow on a hot dog? Best condiment there is.

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