It's Axiomatic: Good, Inexpensive Sushi Makes Us Happy

Each week, Happy Eating highlights a different restaurant happy hour food menu. This week we are in the Knox-Henderson neighborhood to check out a Dallas sushi hot spot.

Where: Sushi Axiom, 2323 North Henderson Ave. When: 4:30-7 p.m. Monday-Friday. The Scene: Happy hour time is quiet and is almost unrecognizable compared with the crowds seen here on a Friday or Saturday night. The happy-hour menu is served only in the bar and patio areas. Thankfully, the patio is decked out with strong heat lamps. The Deal: Half off prices on items like simple sushi rolls (think spicy tuna and salmon), and a few appetizers such as edamame, ahi tuna nachos and spring rolls. The Steals: Their tasty ceviche is normally $15, but is knocked down to $7.50 during happy hour.

The Con: It would be nice if the happy hour menu had more hot appetizers on the list or included a couple of sashimi offerings. Eat: The ceviche. Skip: The California roll. Not because it's bad, but on principle, people. Lushworthy: There are daily drink specials, including our favorite, $1 saki Sundays.

The bottom line: Sushi Axiom's rolls are known to be very generous and quite filling, and this is no different during happy hour. With rolls ranging from $3-$3.50 during happy hour, 10 bucks could get you far.

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Kristy Yang
Contact: Kristy Yang