It's Been Three Weeks: Was In-N-Out Burger Worth the Hype?

The Frisco and Allen locations of In-N-Out are three weeks old today. You've had time to digest the Double-Doubles, the well-done fries, and that one girl has, hopefully, wiped away her tears.

Opening day was a manifest destiny of meat. Some travelers had "In-N-Out or bust" on their cars, and others were so thrilled they cut in front of a three-hour long line. So, before the 7940 N. Central Expressway location opens up (coming soon...), we ask simply: Was it worth all the hype?

After the jump, we've created a rather informal poll to gauge the reaction of those who've tried the famous burgers. We're dying to know.

Update at 5:06 p.m.: The results, so far, are interesting.

23.6% say: "Yes...delicious." 8.9% say: "No...screw it." 24.5% say: "It's OK." 43.1% say: "Lines are too long."

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