It's National Pie Day! Here are Some Alternative Pie Options in Dallas

Yes, there's pie. Lots of really really good pie. But, we want to embrace National Pie Day for every flake of crust it's worth, including doing a little math, listening to great old Dean Martin songs and arguing about the metaphor of that tiger in Life of Pi.

In a culinary sense, however, we'd like to point you to the many places of interest in our fine city for pie. For dessert-like pies, there are places like Norma's, Emporium Pies, Mama's Daughters Diner, the Original Market Diner and Mecca.

In a robust sense, there are other types of pies you should be aware of and consider for National Pie Day.

1. The brisket fried pie (photo above) at the Original Fried Pie Shop, which is insideBaker's Ribs, is pie insanity. It tastes like gluttony and later, as it soaks into your blood stream, feels like shame. Go ahead though. Today is special.

2. From scratch duck pot pie at Sigel's on Inwood is certainly a good way to celebrate pie. If you've never been to the discrete little cheese shop at the back of the liquor store, make haste. Theresa Magee will set you up with cheese you never knew you loved, plus one of her duck pot pies, all made from scratch are amazing.

3. The Idle Rich Pub has shepherd's pie. I won't sit here and look you in the eye and say shepherd's food is where it's at. It ain't bad though. Warning: under the potatoes the meat is so hot you'll get infinite roof-of-mouth burn if you don't let it cool a bit.

4. It's hard to find a grandma pie in these parts, but worth seeking out. There's a place in Central Arlington, Saljo's, that puts together rather tasty one. Everything is made from scratch by Saljo himself. There are many variations and arguments about what constitutes a proper grandma pie, but it's typically a really big square pizza topped with crushed tomatoes - not so much a sauce - and lots of garlic. Call in ahead because it takes 40 minutes to make.

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