It's National Rum Day. Pirate Hats and Pecan Street, Anyone?

Today marks yet another national holiday that makes for unenthusiastic celebration of food and/or drink.

Am I wrong? Did you all raise your glasses to the heavens and shout "Happy National Tequila Day!" a few weeks ago? Did you stuff down any more hot dogs in July than you will in August? Not likely.

Still, these national food holidays, while as PR-driven as most of our holidays, give food obsessives a chance to debate the merits of certain food groups (yes, hot dogs and tequila are food groups), as well as an excuse to indulge in those food groups.

Today is National Rum Day. I bet as soon as it ends you'll start talking to your friends about how you'll do things better next year. Perhaps pirate outfits and a big bowl of punch, while we all stand around a decorated sugarcane tree.

But why not celebrate National Rum day in true Texan style, with a bottle of Pecan Street Rum? It's made down in Pflugerville, just a few miles out of your way if you're headed to Austin. You can get it here in Dallas, too. The Spirit of Texas lets pecans chill out with the spirit as it ages in oak.

I had some the other night, and while I didn't notice remember the butterscotch I've seen in some tasting notes, I did notice the ensuing rosy cheeks. You could follow a few of the distillery's recipes if drinking rum straight is not your thing. The Pecan Punch looks most attractive to me, but I might swap out some soda water for the sprite if you don't have a sweet tooth.

If you don't drink it all in your exuberant libation this evening, you could save the rest for Christmas. I can't think of a finer addition to hand-made eggnog.

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