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Jack and Ginger's
Taylor Adams

Jack and Ginger’s to Open on North Henderson Avenue

77 Degrees opened on the eastern end of Henderson Avenue in August, providing an open space below for a future pub: Jack and Ginger's.

It's the third Texas location for the Austin-based group Union Venture, which will take over 5,000 square feet. What we expect out of a pub will be there: dark woods, hues of gold and green, etc., along with an open-air patio.

This one, however, will have more than 20 large-screen TVs, making it a spot where you won't have to make conversation with those around you.

They'll have more than 60 draught beers, wines on tap and Irish-inspired cocktails. Irish, Texan and North American whiskeys and scotch will be available; but one thing that makes us curious is the bourbon on tap.

If cocktails are your thing, they'll have those, too. The Irish Rose, for example, has Slane Irish Whiskey, creme de cassis and lemon juice.

Food-wise, they'll have Irish chips and dip (smoked cheddar cheese dip and French onion dip), grilled cheese hush puppies and shrimp corndogs (which hopefully will be better than they sound).

We already have some good, pretty authentic-feeling Irish pubs in town — take the Crafty Irishman, for example — so we'll see how this one fits in.

Jack and Ginger's, 2107 N. Henderson Ave. (East Dallas). Opening this November. Will be open 3 p.m. to 2 a.m. Monday through Friday; 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. Saturday through Sunday.

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