Jack in the Box Waffles Your Buns with Breakfast Waffle Sandwich

Surely after the recent news of Pizza Hut threading a hot dog into their pizza crust, and KFC air-dropping a slice of shitty cheese on top of their "burger," you were wondering: what's next?

Well, here comes the news this morning (thanks to writer Sara Blankenship, who sends along with photo), snagged of a Jack in the Box, of their brand new Breakfast Waffle Sandwich. According to the annoyingly alliterative Marketwatch story:

Sandwich features a fried egg, American cheese and the chain's new country-grilled sausage stacked between two lightly sweetened maple waffles.

It seems to mark a new, fascinating trend wherein the fast food industry swaps-the-thing holding-your-meat with an already-existing-food-that-probably-shouldn't-be-a-bun. Cheese bites for the crust of a pizza. Doritos shell in place of a taco shell. Bacon spoon instead of metal spoon. OK, the last one's fake, but can't you see it? Can't you?!?

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Nick Rallo
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