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Jack Mac's in Plano Says It Will Stop Showing NFL Games in Protest of Recent Violence

Last night, as the Philadelphia Eagles stormed back against the Indianapolis Colts, and the ESPN hype machine kicked into high gear in support of the NFL, Jack MacDonald, the owner of Plano's craft beer haven Jack Mac's Swill and Grill, took to the restaurant's facebook to proclaim his distaste for how the league has been handling its current spate of domestic violence issues:

Good Evening Folks, Running a bar in Texas is not the easiest thing in the world, especially when it comes to football, so I hope you will all take the stand with me, as of today, we will no longer show ANY NFL games until the league changes it's domestic abuse policies. It has gotten to the point where money is more important than women's and children's health and life are concerned, this is unacceptable in the world that I want to live in. Please join me in my small attempt to stop adding fuel to the fire and money to their coffers. #takeastand #NFL #nomoresbuse

The loyal customers of the English-style pub quickly chimed in with support of the decision to boycott the NFL, with many lamenting that other establishments aren't following suit.

The business of football is a boon to most bars, as it serves as a built in excuse for patrons to spend hours shelling out money for drinks and snacks while watching whatever team, fantasy or otherwise, they support. Whether it affects business at this bar or not, it's unique to see an owner take such a strong stance against such a ubiquitous power like football in Texas.

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Jaime-Paul Falcon