Jack Perkins' ocaTaco Should Open Wednesday

The good people of the UT Southwestern campus are about to be slapped in the mouth with slow-cooked meat. Jack Perkins and part of his Maple and Motor team expect to open his new taco assembly-line concept, ocaTaco, sometime this week. (According to Facebook, it's looking like Wednesday.) And yes, ocaTaco is a palindrome. Racecar is also a palindrome. So is evil olive. You're welcome.

ocaTaco will offer hungry people refuge with homemade tortillas filled with their choice of pulled pork, shredded brisket, pulled chicken, or carne asada along with the three street taco staples: onions, cilantro, and lime.

Also starring in Perkins' little taco porno will be his cole slaw and barbecue sauce recipes, which will take the shredded brisket in a whole different direction. Jack will also feature Cory Anthony's Hometown Favorites fish taco recipe that won him a shit ton of cash on the Food Network.

Tacos will be $2.25 each, or for a mere $7.50, you can get three tacos of your choice as well as a drink from the ... wait for it ... Dublin soda fountain. Also: a huge parking lot and no valet. So that's a bonus.

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