Jalisco Norte’s Hoja Santa Is What We Should Leave by the Tree for Santa This Year

Get your ho ho ho-ja on at Jalisco Norte with the Hoja Santa Margarita.
Get your ho ho ho-ja on at Jalisco Norte with the Hoja Santa Margarita. Jalisco Norte
Santa is coming soon, but Jalisco Norte is already bringing us Hoja Santa.

The Mexican eatery aims to give diners the chance to experience an authentic Mexican meal, and that includes the cocktails.

One of their reinvented margaritas features the hoja santa herb, which translates to "sacred leaf" and is also called the Mexican pepperleaf. It's an aromatic herb used often in traditional cooking and has a slight peppery taste with hints of anise and eucalyptus.

Bottom line: This cocktail is infused with these spicy leaves and leaves you feeling spicy. Maybe that's what we should be leaving by the tree for Santa this year.

Hoja Santa Margarita ($12): Infused with Hoja Santa, ginger-infused agave, Maestro Dobel Tequila Diamonte, lime juice
On the menu through December and available by request through January.

Jalisco Norte, 3858 Oak Lawn Ave., Suite 470 (Oak Lawn)
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Susie Oszustowicz