Jerk Your Sausage to Island Spot's Fried Bread Pudding

Island Spot is a new vendor at the State Fair of Texas this year and along with this open-flame-grilled jerk chicken, jerk sausage (note: it's on the menu as "jerk sausage," not "the hand job" or "the hanje") and jerk tofu (for all you vegetarians), they're serving up -- wait for it -- fried bread pudding.

"Bread pudding is a traditional dessert in the Caribbean," says Nicole Clarke-Smith, owner of Island Spot. "Ours is baked, then we just throw it in the fryer and sprinkle powdered sugar on top and serve."

Since this is Island Spot's first year as a vendor at the fair, they were not allowed to compete in the Big Tex Choice Awards. But Clarke-Smith says she's "definitely hoping to compete next year." All entries in the Big Tex Choice Awards are required to be brand new to the fair, so she won't be able to enter this fried bread pudding in the contest next year.

However, if she changes the flavor of the fried bread pudding, it'll still be considered a new item. So, she could enter a fried chocolate bread pudding in the competition next year. Or fried whiskey bread pudding. (How has nobody fried whiskey yet? Get on it, people.) But we're really hoping she fries that jerk sausage. My money's on the fried HJ for Most Creative next year.

If you're uninterested in the fair (freak), but you are interested in the full menu at Island Spot, check out their location in Carrolton.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.