Jettison invites you to hop on over to their pad for a cocktail.EXPAND
Jettison invites you to hop on over to their pad for a cocktail.
Sal Bautista

Jettison's Lillypad Will Leave You In a Purple Haze

One of Jettison's new cocktails on their summer tiki-inspired menu, the Lillypad, is a beautiful modern play on all things tiki. It brings together gin, a bright, Asian citrus, and orange and violet liqueurs. We often see drinks with Creme de Violette fail because the incredibly overpowering flavor (often called "soapy") takes over. This beauty balances the flavors nicely, and it is a beauty to look at.

After a couple of these, this cocktail will have you asking, "Your lilly pad or mine?"

Lillypad ($13): Gin, Cointreau, yuzu, Creme de Voilette

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Jettison, 1878 Sylvan Ave. (West Dallas)

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