Horchata Meets Coffee on Jettison's New Cocktail Menu

Jettison's new cocktail menu offers a cozy collection of cocktails.
Jettison's new cocktail menu offers a cozy collection of cocktails. courtesy Jettison
With the early sunsets and decidedly chilly weather that has seemed to put roots down in our little hamlet, we're in need of a boost. Thankfully, Jettison's new menu turned out some comforting (read: boozy) tipples for us, with cocktails made with winter-friendly ingredients like honey mead and hopped apple cider, perfect to curl up with in their cozy bar.

One of our favorites is the Sleepy Coyote that brings coffee-infused rum together with spicy Ancho Reyes ancho chile liqueur and the Central/South American sweet rice drink, horchata. While horchata — a drink traditionally made with rice, milk, vanilla and spices — is usually seen in the summer, they've warmed it up to make the perfect winter cocktail. And since their sister spot is Houndstooth Coffee, you know that they're starting with a quality coffee in the infused rum.

Sleepy Coyote ($12): Coffee-infused Oaxacan rum, Ancho Reyes, rich horchata, nutmeg
Jettison, 1878 Sylvan Ave. (West Dallas)
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Susie Oszustowicz