Jim Cantore, Here's Where To Eat In Dallas While You're Covering The "Storm"

Holy Smokes! Jim Cantore, welcome to Dallas!

Your passion for extreme weather precedes you, and your arrival has struck fear into the hearts of Dallasites everywhere. It's true! Many locals are terrified of inclement weather that doesn't involve tornadoes, and completely unaware of how to best respond to a thundersnowflake. While I'm calling bluff on this whole icepocalypse thing, I'm still pretty excited you're here. You know, just in case.

So button up that super-parka and get out there and do what you do best. And when you get hungry here are some spots where you can stop and refuel, withsome pointers for some potentially amazing footage for fun.

Manny's You're in Texas, so you're going to eat Tex-Mex. In fact, it's mandated by state law (somewhere I'm sure) that Tex-Mex be consumed within 18 minutes of arrival. Personally, I've been on a Manny's kick -- brisket tacos are a thing in Dallas and just look at the ones in the picture above -- but since you're likely already behind, here are nine to choose from.


Off-site Kitchen After you spend some time in Park Cities covering rich people paying less-rich people to do their icy dirty work, head to the Trinity River where you can attempt to walk on ice that won't exist. The burgers are better than In-N-Out burger and Shake Shack combined. And they sell cheap canned beer, too.


Chicken Scratch You'll probably want to grab some footage of some vehicles sliding around and smashing into things. The problem is, there aren't many hills in Dallas. Might I suggest Fort Worth Avenue, just North of Oak Cliff. Bridges get icy first, and there's a decent grade as the Commerce Street Bridge spills into West Dallas. Once that freezes, Sylvan Street offers a massive incline just around the corner. Trust me, it's a doozey. And in the middle, there's Chicken Scratch because: fried chicken.


Keller's If there's hail you HAVE to go to Keller's. There are metal awnings above the parking spaces that I'm sure create more noise in hailstorms than any thundersnow you've ever witnessed. Bonus: a cute old lady will bring you a paper-wrapped burger and a beer that you can drink in your car.


CBD Provisions And if by any chance you actually do get snowed in, I hope you're staying at The Joule downtown. If you are, stay put and check out CBD Provisions. It's a bit of a hot spot right now, and a fine enough introduction to Dallas.

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