Jim Schutze's Top 10 Highway Foods For Journalists On The Go

Our resident political curmudgeon gets around. Between the office, city council meetings, back to the office, over to that proposed inland port, pausing to scoff at the site of Dallas' signature bridge and the road to nowhere then to the office once again for a quip-trading session with Wilonsky, he rarely pauses for a real sit down meal...unless it involves drive thru.

What does this journalistic rapscallion eat? Here are Schutze's top 10 'meal on the road' suggestions:

1. Cheetos (wipe steering wheel after)

2. Miniature white sugar doughnuts (large bag)

3. Beer

4. Baby-back ribs (rental car only)

5. Baguette and wedges of Brie (Cooper Mini only)

6. Jerky (drivers under 55)

7. Halloween Candy Found Under Seat (all ages)

8. Whisky (or whiskey, if you so prefer)

9. Hot-Dog, mustard and catsup, onions, relish (Exxon lifestyle center only)

10. Alternating coffee, Coca-Cola and No-Doz (home for the holidays).

--City of Ate staff (and Jim Schutze, of course)

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